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Greetings friend, to the Adventure Squirrels website, find the comics in the gallery. You are also, invited to the adventure at the Facebook page… we could really use a healer, please.

H ail and well met! In a smaller world within our own mundane one, there lies a world of wondrous magic, dire monsters, and epic quests that forge legendary heroes... or so they think,  meet the AdventureSquirrels. A comic about a nutty party of rodents having Don Quixote -like misadventures in the city park. It's a new comic sure to please longtime fans of RPGs and fantasy in general, while being clean and charming for younger folk. Join Olney the wizard, Skiurid the ranger/rogue, and Ekorre the barbarian on a quest for acorns and XP. Huzzah!


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More Adventure Squirrels comics in the gallery

Joseph Tribble

Creator, illustrator, writer, cobbler, web admin and supreme master of the squirrel world.

When Joe is not gathering peanuts for the upcoming winter he likes to play role-playing games, tabletop games, make art-like things, sailing and walk about the neighborhood. He is currently living in Illinois.

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