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Meet the Adventure Squirrels

Meet the Adventure Squirrels Olney, Skiurid, and Ekorre.

Ekorre, the barbarian … technically yes and no, being raised in the forest beyond the city park makes him a barbarian but he’s not good at what other berserker warriors do. Mild tempered, quiet and quick to make friends, Ekorren was sent away by his chieftain father, not to come back until he was a hardened warrior, able to take charge of the other red squirrels in his clan. Olney and Skiurid noticed is physical strength and invited him to join the party to get XP and treasure, even though he’s more interestd in just hanging out with his new friends.

Cool, dark and shrouded in mystery, Skiurid is not quite all he thinks he is, but lovable none the less. He is less concerned with stats on a new item, instead more engrossed about if it makes him look cooler than before. Just why is Skiurid  so focused on covering up how he is just a plain squirrel is unknown maybe it's because everyone admires his strong, brave and charismatic older brother paladin but not him or maybe it’s because he’s infatuated by princess Hazel, too whom he loses that “coolness” he worked so hard for. Either way Skiurid is out to get enough levels to match is bravado but until then, delusion will suffice.

Wherever there is a path to be trekked, XP to be fought for and a chest to be opened, Olney wants to be there. As the wizard, and driving force of the party, Olney wants all of the treasure and all of the experience points. Even if getting such things leads to a trap, he doesn’t mind; traps  just give more XP. As a grey squirrel with Leucism making his fur white, others in the city of Dreys perceive Olney as being infused with magic powers. This has gone to his little white furred head, and now Olney wants to be the greatest white wizard in the known squirrel world even if he has to drag his beloved friends along to do so.

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